Regardless of the fashion style you adopt in the field must be present and
accessories. Obviously, the style will influence them to their choice, but there are certain
Rules you need to respect. Although it can easily, many people are wrong when
It comes to accessory and, inevitably, the whole is affected.

1. How do you choose clothes accessories? Basic rules
2. Frequent mistakes in choosing clothes accessories
3. Most suitable accessories for women's clothing
4. Most suitable accessories for men's clothes

1. How do you choose clothes accessories? Basic rules

After you have chosen articles Clothing and footwear, you have to choose the accessories that fit the keeper you composed. But how are you doing this? Well, the easiest is to follow some rules:

  • Take into account the shape of the neckline when choosing the neck accessory. For example, if dress TA has a decolte in V, you have to put a necklace in V
  • Pay attention to materials when choosing jewels. It is not advisable to combine a golden necklace with a pair of silver earrings and a bead bracelet.
  • Choose an accessory you want to turn into the "star". The rest of the accessories will have the role of helping the "star" to stand out. If you chose a pair of bulky earrings, from a precious metal, do not put an equally voluminous necklace.
  • Always carry the lands and accessories for which you have opted.

2. Frequent mistakes in choosing clothes accessories

In addition to complying with basic rules, it is good to know what are some of the most common mistakes committed in terms of accessory:

  • Wearing accessories taking only to trends. Avoid this mistake by choosing accessories that are suitable for you, does not follow "blind" fashion. For example, many people choose sunglasses After the last trends, forgetting that this choice must be made, first of all, by the shape of the face.
  • Joining the bold accessories to a bags of a vibrant, strong color. In these cases, do not exaggerate in accessing, do not choose oversized or equally strong pieces.
  • Using too much accessories. This mistake visually loads. For example, if you have chosen thick bracelets, you will not put large rings on your fingers (valid for men).
  • Wearing silver jewelry along with golden jewelry. Always opt, or for gold, or for silver.

3. Most suitable accessories for women's clothing

As mentioned above, jewels, whether metric, bulky, simple or precious stones, must be chosen in such a way that it does not load.

For a plus of sophistication brought to an outfit consisting of simple parts, put a Ladies watch at the wrist.

An indistinctive accessory in the warm season are sunglasses. Choose a pair that matches well with your face shape and protect your view of the strong sun rays.

The strap is an accessory often forgotten, although it can greatly influence the image of a keeper. From the classic, leather models, to modern models, made of various materials and having all sorts of applications, you will certainly find a few that can fit you.

A scarf can be used in a multitude of ways, just have a little inspiration! You can simply bind it to your neck, or you can use it as a hair accessory. It is also fashionable to give a scarf of handle or pants instead of belt.

In case of casual or sporting inspiration, cap It's a trendy accessory! He can help you in the days you do not like her hair.

Although most likely don't expect to see in this list umbrellas, Well, they must be mentioned! Most women do not give them importance, despite the fact that they can have a major impact on the way your lands in rainy days are perceived.

4. Most suitable accessories for men's clothes

What is one of the main rules for a man who has style? Using the right accessories! A stylish man will not be protected from the jewelry, he understands that they are not just for women, but for men.

For an elegant keeper, choose a classic shirt to access it with cufflinks fit.

Sunglasses are an accessory as important. The pattern must be chosen taking into account the features of the face.

Every man must have at least one watch! When it comes to choosing it, always counts on quality.

The belt has more than a purely functional role in terms of male lands. If you choose this accessory in a smart way, you will see how it manages to "law" the rest of the pieces of clothing. It is, for many times, the element that makes a difference between a keeper that impresses and a keeper that does not attract attention at all.

Choose a cap for light, day outfits. Make sure you have opted for a suitable color that is assorted with the rest of the keeper.

Although many gentlemen choose jackets or hood hoods to protect themselves from light rains when you need to wear an elegant or office keeper, umbrella You do not have to be missing.

When choosing accessories, think of one word: balance. At the visual level, the holding must be balanced to be successful. Use the information in this article to compose outfits that will be admired by everyone!

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